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They are produced with long-lasting and durable cotton-weighted yarns. A variety of yarns are used according to different purposes.


  • Socks for general use purposes, are mainly made of pure cotton and mostly cotton for daily life and sports purposes, and are usually in white and its shades.
  • Sport-specific Socks are special socks produced with different techniques for certain sports branches by virtue of special R&D works. There are towels and supporting sections in different parts of the socks according to the sports branch. Levels of softness, hardness and grip are especially developed according to the sports branch. Structure and texture for heel, fingers, foot gap and other parts of the foot are selected according to the sport branch.
  • Durable Sports Socks, are socks used in sports which require resistance. These socks accommodate features which provide high performance. Technically advanced and developed production technologies are utilized. Special yarns are produced for this type of socks. 3-layer yarn production or especially softened parts can be designed. These socks are also developed to protect foot health.
    • Running Socks are are socks produced for athletes who make running and jogging. These socks are suitable for amateur sports. Generally a soft part is created for the heel and they are developed to reduce the impacts coming to the foot from the heel and to protect the foot health. These socks can be produced in different sizes from the size of bootie or in a way to extend to the mid calf. Another feature of these socks is that special yarn series are used for preventing the foot tear to leak to the shoe and outside
    • Cycling Socks, are socks produced for mainly cycling enthusiasts and generally attention is paid to protect the sole gap and grip the foot. Reinforcing parts are placed in order to protect areas where the foot is in contact with the pedal continuously and prevent early damage of these parts of the sock and for its protecting the foot .
    • Golf Socks are produced especially for the golfers in accordance with the outdoor conditions on summer days. Especially attention is paid that the soles of these socks are strong, soft and supportive.
    • Ski Socks are made with special yarns to be worn in boots for everyone who go skiing for professional and amateur purposes. These socks keep the foot warm because they are used in cold environments. At the same time the front part of the sock is made soft in order to protect the foot in its contact with boots.
    • Tennis Socks, which can be produced in various sizes increases the feeling of gripping and comfort for both amateur and professional athletes thanks to its reinforced sides towards soles and front part of the foot.

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