Akay Çorap has always strived for fulfilment of environmental responsibilities with all the experience it has acquired since 1990. Our company has aimed to operate green factories and maintain sustainable green by fulfilling the environmental responsibilities thereof. 

We have desired to share some of the headings that we have determined with an eye to fulfil our responsibilities. We have aimed the following to this end:

  1. Eliminating and preventing the causes of pollution in the production and distribution network at its source,
  2. Preventing environmental pollution, raising awareness and taking responsibility on this issue,
  3. Ensuring that environmental activities and events are carried out and developed in accordance with nationally and internationally recognized directives, legislation and rules.
  4. Analyzing the pollution factors which may occur in factory production network by evaluating with environmental factors,
  5. Following up that these identified solutions are achieved under control and making them as permanent legislations and following up the implementation thereof
  6. Renewing the production tools and equipments by following up the current developments in environmental technologies, and
  7. Ensuring that the same awareness are raised in all our employees beginning from the top management level to in our valued employees working at production network
  8. We consider all of these issues as an “Environmental Policy” to be applied also in the future and we are proud of being the leader and pioneer in this issue.
  9. We consider it as our responsibility not to only our country but also to the whole world, to achieve big productions in our country which has the most beautiful green places of the world and raise awareness for a clean environment in a sensitive manner in our country. We strongly believe that this must be the approach of all the factories while they are making production.
  10. Akay Çorap’s environmental policy is not only limited to all the issues specified hereinabove our but also we renew ourselves and our technologies in order to make energy management efficient and sustainable in our production and non-production areas. We aim to decrease all wastes generated prior and subsequent to production to minimum.
  11. Our company, Akay Çorap, regularly performs waste water controls within our factory. We, as Akay Çorap, being conscious of the importance of environmental factors, aim reducing waste by using natural resources and applying timely working conditions.
  12. We aim to transfer this beautiful natural heritage to our future in a clean and healthy way by virtue of individuals who are sensitive to climate change and global warming. All the process from yarn to knot and from sewing to stock is realized energy resources in a sustainable environment.
  13. We know the fact that the more we protect our nature today, the more we will protect our future. This is the biggest legacy we are obliged to inherit to the world and nature. Our company, Akay Çorap, more than considering all these measures and policies as only a legal requirement, sees them as its duty and liability.