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Knowledge and Experience

Akay Çorap has always strived for fulfilment of environmental responsibilities with all the experience it has acquired since 1990. Our company has aimed to operate green factories and maintain sustainable green by fulfilling the environmental responsibilities thereof. 

We have desired to share some of the headings that we have determined with an eye to fulfil our responsibilities. We have aimed the following to this end:

  1. Eliminating and preventing the causes of pollution in the production and distribution network at its source,
  2. Preventing environmental pollution, raising awareness and taking responsibility on this issue,
  3. Ensuring that environmental activities and events are carried out and developed in accordance with nationally and internationally recognized directives, legislation and rules.
  4. Analyzing the pollution factors which may occur in factory production network by evaluating with environmental factors,
Cotton Socks

Akay Çorap produces high quality cotton socks for gentlemen, ladies and children. Your design is prepared by using high quality threads in addition to state of the art technology knitting and sewing machines during production.</p> <p>Would you like us to contact your esteemed side as to this product? Please fill out the form below and we will contact your valued side as soon as possible.

Technical Sports Socks

Socks for general use purposes, are mainly made of pure cotton and mostly cotton for daily life and sports purposes, and are usually in white and its shades.

Modal Socks

Akay Çorap’s modal socks are produced from the highest quality and special yarns produced from most suitable beech fibers for recycling. Production from modal yarn is used in socks for gentlemen, ladies and children. This special fiber type is a special fiber produced from beech.

Bamboo Socks

Akay Çorap’s bamboo socks are produced from the highest quality yarns produced from high quality bamboo fibers. Bamboo socks are environmentally and nature friendly products which attach importance to human health from socks to underwear. Bamboo socks are easily recycled and dissolves in nature.

Coolmax Socks

This product is produced by a special type of yarn manufactured by Dupont which is used in special and high performance socks that absorb the moisture from the foot by sending it to the outer surface of the sock. The main purpose is to keep the foot dry, cool and comfortable.